Hi everyone,

As you may know, it has been a few days since our Business profile on Google Maps got some technical issues.

It appears to some of you while trying to get direction to Banh Mi 25 on Google that our restaurant has gone out of business. HOWEVER, this information is NOT a correct. The restaurant is still open as normal from 7am to 9pm everyday of the week. And our exact address is No 25 Hang Ca street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Just simply search the keyword " 25 Hang Ca" on Google Maps and you will find us.

See you soon at Banh Mi 25!

Hanoi, Dec 12,2014

The young man Phuong and his wife Ha decided to go on an adventure of opening their own tbanhmi stall. When it came to the naming question, they couldn't think of any other simple yet meaningful name than the number 25 - the street number of their home where had marked the start of many first things in their life together.

BANH MI 25 stall has been there at No.25 Hang Ca street ever since that December day.

Phuong & his wife has added a new seating area on 30 Hang Ca street for Hanoians & travellers who are fond of sitting down and enjoying the Hanoi Old Quater ambience a little bit longer.


"They can copy your style but not your creativity."

When Phuong & his wife started, their business was small and things like "copyrights", "trademarks" were way too  far-off their priority and concern. Now BANH MI 25 has been well-loved,  and has attracted unwanted copycats.

Thanks to those copycats, BANH MI 25 has been working harder than ever to improve & bring the new logo, new cecipes and services. to town.

BANHMI25.NET in the one & only official page. Other domains are all copycats